Overcoming Mobility Challenges in K-12 Schools

The traditional teaching model for K-12 education had a teacher standing in front of the class delivering a lecture with the help of a blackboard and chalk. Students feverishly took notes with a pencil and paper and used their textbooks

Core MDM Features and Emerging Trends in Mobility Management

In a previous post, we discussed the driving forces behind mobile device management (MDM) as organizations struggle to manage mobile devices, enforce mobile policies and maintain security. MDM helps to overcome these challenges by enabling administrators to use software to

The Driving Forces behind Mobile Device Management

The emergence of employee mobility has created a number of competitive advantages. Employees enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime. Collaboration with both customers and managers, whether by phone, email, text or video, no longer requires employees to be

Managing the Mobility Revolution

The rapid rise of mobile devices connected to enterprise systems is unmatched by any other technology in recent memory. Mobile devices are revolutionizing the way employees access applications and data, enabling unparalleled efficiency, collaboration and customer service. A new global

A Guide to Understanding Windows VDI Licenses

One sometimes overlooked or misinterpreted cost of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is Microsoft Windows licensing. Very specific parameters determine what type of licensing program you need and the costs involved. While they shouldn’t cause you to abandon your plans to

The Performance Impact of a SAN Upgrade

In the typical enterprise data center, storage has its own parallel network that is separate from the network supporting applications and data. The storage-area network (SAN) enables storage devices to be pooled while maintaining optimal read/write performance. Unlike network-attached storage

The New Wi-Fi Standard, Part 2: Implementing 802.11ac

In Part 1 of this post, we discussed how the new Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac, provides faster wireless connection speeds with less interference and supports more users and a higher data rate. As a result, 802.11ac enables better performance and reliability

The New Wi-Fi Standard, Part 1: What 802.11ac Brings to the Table

A reliable wireless LAN (WLAN) has become as important to the day-to-day operations of the enterprise as the telephone and fax machine were 25 years ago. More than a convenience, Wi-Fi enables greater flexibility, agility, efficiency, productivity and customer service,

What to Look for in a VDI Storage Solution

  Storage continues to be a major challenge in designing and optimizing a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment. Without careful planning, I/O bottlenecks can occur when a high number of virtual desktops attempt to access storage at the same time.

Integrated Backup Appliances: A Simpler Approach to Data Backup

Data backup is the least glamorous but most critical function in any IT organization. It is the most mundane of tasks, but it can be the life ring that keeps your organization afloat should a disaster occur. Unfortunately, traditional backup