Selecting the Right Deep Data Archival Solution

In our last post, we discussed how growing volumes of data and the need to retain data for long periods of time is casting new light on the importance of deep data archival. By moving seldom-accessed data off of primary

Why Deep Data Archival Has Become Critical to Business

Back in January we discussed the growing use of video surveillance technology and the demands it places on the storage environment. Because the “edge” storage devices in most video surveillance systems have limited capacity, video data must be offloaded to

Overcoming the Challenges of Virtualization Backup

While virtualization delivers a number of benefits, including greater cost-efficiency, scalability, resource utilization and management efficiency, backup in highly virtualized environments can be challenging. Because most legacy backup solutions aren’t virtualization aware, backup agents were often deployed to each virtual

How Purpose-Built Backup Appliances Simplify Data Backup

Every time a natural disaster strikes, we are reminded about the importance of data protection. In addition to the tragic loss of life caused by flooding in Texas, transportation officials in the state report that these severe storms are responsible

How WAN Link Load Balancing Optimizes Bandwidth

The demand for bandwidth is constantly increasing. Dispersed workforces, video and audio streaming applications, big data analytics, and cloud-based services have organizations scrambling to keep up with this demand. Given the expense associated with dedicated circuits, there is a growing

Why the Cloud Is Driving Renewed Interest in WAN Optimization

The perfect storm of mobility, the cloud, virtualization and big data have caused a spike in network traffic on corporate wide-area networks (WANs). This traffic growth, which will only continue to increase, has made it difficult for organizations to maintain

How Threat Intelligence and Sandboxing Help Fortify Security

Even the most security-minded enterprise is not immune to cyberattack. Major retailers, financial institutions and even the federal government have been hacked in recent weeks. Traditional defenses are nothing more than a speed bump to today’s ecosystem of highly skilled

Why Businesses Are Turning to the Cloud for Storage

High volumes of data that are growing by the minute have made it difficult for many organizations to host and manage a storage infrastructure that meets capacity and performance demands. Storage-as-a-Service is a cloud-based storage model in which an organization

Four Reasons to Move Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Not every disaster can be controlled or prevented, whether it’s the result of human error, technical failure or some kind of weather-related event. What you can control is how quickly you recover from disaster, and the impact the event has

Getting to Know Microsoft System Center 2012 R2

In a previous post, we discussed the benefits of upgrading to Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 as end-of-support deadlines loom for Server 2003. Windows Server 2012 R2 offers simplified licensing due to fewer editions, as well as data de-duplication functionality,