How Cloud-Integrated Storage Helps Meet Today’s Storage Demands

Explosive data growth, a constant demand for fast access to data and applications, and increasingly complex network infrastructures are forcing organizations to rethink their storage models. The challenge is to take full advantage of existing storage technology and integrate a

What to Consider When Choosing Cloud Storage

  Many organizations are struggling to meet growing storage requirements as the volume of data continues to skyrocket. Cloud-based storage offers a cost-effective alternative that helps relieve the burden of constantly adding in-house storage capacity. The two basic cloud storage

Next-Gen HP Servers Enable Data Center Transformation

In our last post we talked about HP’s new “Moonshot” server cartridges with ARM chips and how they can dramatically reduce energy usage, space requirements and data center complexity. But Moonshot is just one HP innovation to be introduced in

HP Launches New Moonshot Cartridges

  The skyrocketing demands of cloud computing, big data and mobile technologies are forcing organizations to rethink their data center architectures. Now HP is expanding the frontier of possibilities as it launches new “Moonshot” server cartridges with ARM chips. First

Why All-Flash Arrays Are on the Rise

There’s no question that flash storage has made significant inroads into the data center environment. According to the 2014 TechTarget Storage Purchasing Intentions survey, 36 percent of respondents have already implemented flash, while another 25 percent plan to evaluate it

What the Docker-VMware Announcement Means for Cloud Computing

In a previous post, we discussed VMware’s announcement at VMworld 2014 about VMware Integrated OpenStack (Beta), which was created so organizations could run the OpenStack cloud computing platform on top of VMware infrastructure. VMware also announced a joint initiative with

Got VMware? Use OpenStack for Cloud Computing

At this month’s VMworld 2014 conference in San Francisco, VMware announced that VMware infrastructure will now support OpenStack, an open-source, cloud computing platform designed to make it easy for any organization to run cloud services using standard hardware. Not only

Focusing on the App Instead of the Device

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon has spawned an array of new product categories that promise to help IT cope with the onslaught of user-owned devices. Mobile device management (MDM) is probably the best known. As the name implies,

Overcoming Mobility Challenges in K-12 Schools

The traditional teaching model for K-12 education had a teacher standing in front of the class delivering a lecture with the help of a blackboard and chalk. Students feverishly took notes with a pencil and paper and used their textbooks

Core MDM Features and Emerging Trends in Mobility Management

In a previous post, we discussed the driving forces behind mobile device management (MDM) as organizations struggle to manage mobile devices, enforce mobile policies and maintain security. MDM helps to overcome these challenges by enabling administrators to use software to