A Better Way to Manage Service Contracts

There’s no doubt that your organization has multiple servers, storage devices, switches, appliances … and service contracts. Who knew there could be so many contracts, warranty periods and expiration dates? Managing it all is a paperwork nightmare that gets pushed to the back burner until a piece of equipment fails. That’s when everything grinds to a halt as you search through stacks and stacks of information to find the right service contract. Can’t someone just tell you which number to call?

Getting a handle on service contracts should be a high priority for IT organizations. After all, administration and maintenance tasks make up almost 80 percent of the typical IT budget. By increasing efficiency, IT can devote more time and resources to innovation.

By improving service contract management, you can eliminate stranded assets with no warranty or expired service contracts and unexpected “time and materials” costs. You can also identify service contracts tied to equipment that has changed roles or been decommissioned, and eliminate those costs. According to Gartner, enterprises can potentially yield savings in excess of 24 percent per year by identifying poorly managed service contracts.

Recognizing this need, Sequel has developed a solution that streamlines and simplifies service contract management. Renewal Services is a web-based portal where we track all of your service contracts for you. You can see at a glance which contracts are due to expire, and use the searchable database to quickly check the status of a specific asset. You will also receive a visual notification 60 days before contract expiration.

Renewal Services is not vendor-specific so it can be used across your entire installed base of equipment. Best of all, Sequel provides this solution at absolutely no cost to you.

With Renewal Services you gain these benefits:

  • Immediate access to service contract information
  • Faster incident response
  • Increased IT efficiency
  • Reduced risk
  • Fewer stranded assets
  • Improved security and regulatory compliance
  • Reduced costs and enhanced operational value
  • Alignment of SLAs and costs based on equipment lifecycle
  • Better budgeting and forecasting

Renewal Services is more than just a portal. Our dedicated and experienced service contract professionals enter all service contract and warranty information. When a service contract comes up for renewal, simply click a button to request a quote — we’ll take care of the rest. Sequel offers competitive pricing for industry-leading manufacturers covering the entire IT infrastructure, from the data center to the desktop. We can also consolidate and co-terminate warranties, further reducing complexity and providing economies of scale.

In addition, the Sequel team can audit your infrastructure and compare that information with many manufacturers’ entitlement databases to ensure that what you have purchased is what you’ll receive when it comes to support. Sequel can also work on your behalf with to resolve any contract issues or disparities and ensure you have the proper level of protection for your infrastructure. No more waiting on hold or verbally wrestling with inside sales people who may not be familiar with your account. Sequel is your local services advocate.

Renewal Services eliminates the cost and frustration of manually tracking warranties while preventing unexpected lapses in coverage. If you have access to the web, you’ll have secure access to your data center’s service contract information.