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With Edge Computing Solutions, VMware Enables New IoT Strategy

With the rapid rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), we are approaching the point where many organizations will need to process data inputs from millions or even billions of endpoints. Because workloads of that scale will test the limits

Augment Public Cloud Security with Fortinet Solutions

Is it safe? That has been the persistent question about cloud computing from its modest beginnings as an offsite compute and storage platform through its position today as the powerhouse driver of digital transformation. The answer has remained much the

Moving to Office 365? Don’t Forget about Data Protection

When moving on-premises applications and infrastructure to the cloud, it’s easy to assume that operational responsibilities for those resources are transferred to the service provider. After all, you managed, protected and secured the data when it was in your data

What to Look for in a Multi-Cloud Management Solution

Not every cloud platform is ideal for every workload. That’s why the vast majority of organizations take advantage of multiple public and private cloud platforms and providers. Having a choice of clouds for various applications and services is great, but

Why Endpoint Visibility Is Critical to Network Security

Endpoint security is a growing concern as gaps in protection continue to leave devices vulnerable to attack. Most organizations are slow to roll out software patches and security updates across their entire endpoint system. This is complicated by bring-your-own-device (BYOD)

How the Cisco Enterprise Agreement Simplifies Software Management

Enterprises are recognizing that the traditional data center model is no longer viable. It lacks flexibility and efficiency. Management is too time-consuming and complex. The focus is on hardware instead of applications and the delivery of business services, where the

What Exactly Is Threat Intelligence, and How Do You Maximize Its Value?

Think the IT security threat landscape is challenging? Well, new data shows cybercriminals have ramped up their efforts to maximize the speed and scale of their attacks. More specifically, automated botnet attacks and “swarm” technology have led to a significant

Is Your Cloud Data Safe?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has fundamentally changed the development, marketing and delivery of software, becoming the preferred delivery model for a range of core business applications. In the rush to SaaS, however, many organizations are failing to adequately protect all the data

Creating and Managing a Software License Compliance Strategy

In the previous post, we discussed the high cost of software license noncompliance as software vendors seek hundreds of millions of dollars from organizations that violate agreements. Aside from fines and lawsuits, software license noncompliance results in financial reporting errors,

The Complexity of Software License Compliance, and the High Cost of Noncompliance

Just how prevalent is software license noncompliance? Well, the fact that many software providers are cracking down on noncompliance and turning it into a revenue stream should give you a clear answer. Intentional or not, organizations that are out of