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AI Engine gives HPE InfoSight the Look of a Winner

What does modern information technology have in common with professional basketball superstar Kevin Durant? Both are achieving new levels of performance and efficiency through the use of predictive analytics. Predictive analytics is an area of statistics that uses artificial intelligence

Make Office 365 Migration Your New Year’s Resolution

Out with the old, in with the new — it’s the perpetual New Year’s resolution. It’s particularly good advice for next year if you’re among the many organizations still using older versions of the Microsoft Office productivity suite. Office 2007

How to Maximize the Cost Savings of Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is proven to deliver significant business benefits, including faster resource provisioning, streamlined operations and greater IT agility. As a result, server virtualization has become a mainstream technology that continues to grow steadily. According to the IDC Market Trends

Is Your Storage Fabric in Need of an Upgrade?

Ever-expanding storage volumes and the need for improved performance is driving adoption of all-flash arrays. However, all-flash arrays often expose bottlenecks in legacy storage-area networks (SANs) that limit the performance gains afforded by flash. Because storage is vital to operations,

Why a Network Upgrade May Be Needed to Get the Most from Flash

Flash storage would seem to be the answer to application performance problems. By replacing spinning hard disks with solid-state flash drives, organizations can reduce storage latency to one or two milliseconds or less. That makes flash ideal for data analytics,

How Access to the Right Technologies Drives Performance Gains

There’s a lot of talk these days about digital transformation — the altering of business processes and models to take full advantage of technology. Digital transformation is proven to bring competitive advantages and levels of productivity and customer service never

How User and Entity Behavioral Analytics Helps Detect Insider Threats

Traditional security tools are designed to identify and stop threats based upon policy-based criteria. For example, a mobile device management solution might block an attempted login from an unsecured device or suspicious location. Or a data loss prevention system might

Evolving Workstyles Require a New Collaboration Strategy

According to Gallup, 43 percent of Americans did all or some work from home in 2016, up from 39 percent in 2015. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) finds that 60 percent of businesses offered a telecommuting benefit in 2016, up from 20 percent

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery: A Simpler, Cost-Efficient Approach to DR

Disaster recovery (DR) is the number one workload that organizations plan to move to the cloud, according to a recent study from Zetta. Migrating DR to the cloud was a priority for 36 percent of IT professionals surveyed, ahead of

What to Look for in a Cloud Management Platform

The multi-cloud model has become the norm. According to the RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report, organizations are using 1.8 public clouds while experimenting with 1.8 more, and leveraging 2.3 private clouds while experimenting with 2.1 more. That’s a