How Access to the Right Technologies Drives Performance Gains

There’s a lot of talk these days about digital transformation — the altering of business processes and models to take full advantage of technology. Digital transformation is proven to bring competitive advantages and levels of productivity and customer service never thought possible.

The key is to recognize that digital transformation isn’t just about technology. It’s about empowering users with the tools they need to be more efficient and effective. Giving users greater access to the apps they prefer helps to power employee initiative and management trust.

In its annual study of the state of the digital workspace, VMware focused this year on the role of employee empowerment in digital transformation. The survey of more than 2,000 CIOs and end-users in enterprise organizations around the world was conducted from June to August of 2017 by Forbes Insights. It found that making applications readily accessible — anytime, anywhere on any device — can drive measurable gains at the individual and organizational level.

The right business applications and productivity solutions are capable of transforming the individual employee’s workday through faster decision making, increased productivity, better collaboration and higher job satisfaction. When apps are available and highly accessible, employees spend 17 percent less time on manual processes, and make decisions 16 percent faster. Compared to traditional employees, empowered employees are almost five times more likely to report gains in personal productivity (63 percent versus 14 percent), and nearly four times more likely to report that their company is a desirable place to work (55 percent versus 14 percent).

Employee-level actions add up to superior enterprise performance. With empowered employees come increases in revenue, service quality, and the successful recruitment of talent.

  • Empowered employees report almost double the increase in service quality compared to traditional employees (17 percent versus 9 percent).
  • The HR function is improved with most respondents reporting it was “very important” for them to be empowered with cloud and mobile business applications for recruiting (69 percent) and onboarding of new employees (59 percent).
  • A majority of CIOs (87 percent) believe that revenue can increase by more than 5 percent over three years when employees are empowered.

However, the report also found a disconnect between the perception CIOs and employees have of the availability and utility of technologies, and the freedom of employees to access the tools they want and need:

  • 72 percent of CIOs believe their company is a pioneer and leader in providing cutting-edge technologies to employees, but only 40 percent of employees do.
  • 47 percent of CIOs strongly believe they are providing their employees with the apps and tools they need to do their jobs, but only 24 percent of employees strongly agree.
  • 38 percent of CIOs strongly believe that they provide the needed access to enterprise apps, but only 16 percent of employees strongly agree.

These differences in perception can create a disconnect that impacts recruitment, collaboration and morale. It can also lead to “shadow IT,” in which employees select and implement technology tools without IT or management approval.

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