How to Get Cloud-Like Flexibility in Your On-Premises Environment

IT teams are under more pressure than ever to deliver new services and solutions quickly while minimizing risk and cost. This has led to the increasing adoption of cloud-based services, which provide nearly limitless scalability in a consumption-based pricing model. CIOs and CFOs like cloud computing because it enables them to pay for only what they use, month to month. There’s no big capital outlay, no hit to the debt-to-equity ratio, no depreciation to manage.

Trouble is, cloud computing isn’t right for every IT workload. Many organizations are justifiably concerned about security, compliance and control in a shared, multitenant environment. These organizations may opt to build a private cloud that gives them the resource pooling, scalability and automation benefits of cloud computing. Problem is, they have to buy the equipment needed to build out such an infrastructure.

HPE is addressing this conundrum with the launch of GreenLake, a suite of on-premises, pay-per-use solutions designed to support many of today’s common workloads. HPE GreenLake simplifies the IT experience and offers customers choice in where workloads should live and how to flexibly consume them.

The foundation of the offering is HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, an innovative service delivered by HPE Pointnext. Depending on need, the level of expertise required and the availability of in-house IT resources, businesses can choose between HPE GreenLake complete solutions or HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity infrastructure solutions.

HPE GreenLake complete solutions are modular, pre-packaged infrastructure that help customers get started faster and stay ahead of demand with active capacity planning. Five options are available:

  • HPE GreenLake Big Data offers a Hadoop data lake, pre-integrated and tested on the latest HPE technology and Hortonworks or Cloudera software.
  • HPE GreenLake Backup delivers on-premises backup capacity using Commvault software pre-integrated on the latest HPE technology with HPE metering technology and management services to run it.
  • HPE GreenLake Database with EDB Postgres delivered on-premises and built on open source technology to help simplify operations and substantially reduce total cost of ownership for a customer’s entire database platform.
  • HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA offers an on-premises appliance operated by HPE with the right-sized, SAP-certified hardware, operating system, and services to meet workload performance and availability objectives.
  • HPE GreenLake Edge Compute offers an end-to-end lifecycle framework to accelerate a customer’s Internet of Things (IoT) journey.

HPE’s proven Flex Capacity model can consume a wide range of infrastructure from HPE using a unique business metric. Each HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity solution features a purpose-built reference architecture based on the latest technologies and optimized to accelerate time-to-value. Organizations can also take advantage of remote monitoring and management of the solution by HPE Pointflex, freeing in-house IT teams from routine infrastructure management tasks.

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity combines the financial and operational benefits of the cloud with onsite control of the equipment. It also enables organizations to better align IT procurement with business requirements by eliminating the need to overprovision capacity to accommodate growth or spikes in demand. Let us show you how HPE GreenLake can give you the IT resources you need in a pay-per-use model.