Pure Storage Upgrades Pure1 with Meta Artificial Intelligence

In June 2015, Pure Storage introduced the Pure1 cloud-based storage management and support platform. The goal of Pure1 was to simplify storage ownership and improve productivity by enabling IT to monitor storage anywhere in the world from a mobile device. By unifying disparate management and support processes, Pure1 also allows organizations to seamlessly coordinate with partners such as Sequel Data Systems as well as the Pure Storage team to make support more proactive.

Pure1 has four key elements – Manage, Support, Connect and Collaborate. While legacy storage management is notoriously complex and inflexible, Pure1 Manage makes it possible for administrators to monitor globally distributed Pure Storage FlashArrays from a single screen. All you need is a web browser. Without the need for dedicated storage management servers at every location, Pure1 reduces capital expenses and operating costs.

Pure1 Support delivers proactive support by using cloud automation to monitor your storage infrastructure. Pure1 proactively opens 83 percent of support cases and initiates contact with the customer 58 percent of the time when the customer is involved. Issues are often resolved before the overall environment is affected, and any other organizations that could be at risk due to the same issue are automatically notified.

Pure1 Connect offers prebuilt integration with a number of leading vendors so organizations can easily integrate Pure Storage FlashArrays with existing software and hardware. The REST API enables automated FlashArray Management for cloud environments, while automation toolkits can be used to accelerate the development of customized workflows. Finally, the Pure1 Collaborate Community Site provides resources and facilitates information sharing and innovation among customers, partners and Pure Storage employees.

And now Pure1 has gotten a whole lot smarter.

Pure Storage recently introduced the Meta Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, the biggest enhancement to Pure1 to date. Pure1 Meta is a 75-blade all-flash system designed to deliver self-driving storage, analyzing more than 1 trillion data points per day to provide predictive intelligence. Meta constantly learns from Pure’s entire customer base to provide insights on workload migration and growth.

Pure1’s Meta AI Engine analyzes a data lake comprising more than 7PB of data. Incoming array telemetry is scanned against a library of issue fingerprints so incidents can be predicted and resolved in real time before the customer is impacted. By capturing more than 1,000 performance variables, Meta can accurately forecast performance load. This eliminates the tendency to overprovision for performance, as well as the risk of under-provisioning.

Through Pure1’s new Workload Planner, organizations can use Workload DNA to predict capacity and performance and answer questions about workload deployment, interaction and optimization. Organizations can better understand and manage future storage needs, reduce risk and increase consolidation based on constant analysis of historical data. The new Global Dashboard simplifies management by displaying key aggregate metrics, such as total data reduction and average load performance, from an entire fleet of arrays.

Pure1 takes automated storage a step further by using predictive analytics to optimize the storage environment. As a top Pure Storage partner, Sequel is uniquely qualified to help you take advantage of this breakthrough technology. Let us show you how Meta builds on the original Pure1 platform to make storage simpler and more efficient with less risk.