Warranty Renewal Services


Track IT equipment warranties through one easy-to-use portal.

Managing IT equipment warranties is an ongoing struggle for many organizations. IT staff must manually track hundreds of warranties across numerous vendors — an expensive and exasperating chore that distracts them from their core responsibilities.

Renewal Services from Sequel Data Systems eliminates this time-consuming task. Sequel tracks each warranty in a customized portal so you can see at a glance which warranties are due to expire. The Renewal Services portal gives you secure, centralized visibility from anywhere, with a searchable database that allows you to quickly find a specific asset and check its warranty status.

You will also receive visual notifications 60 days before a warranty is set to expire. This reduces the risk of key assets going off warranty, leaving the organization vulnerable to unexpected costs should that equipment fail.

Simply click a button to request a renewal quote, and we will take care of the rest. Sequel offers competitive pricing for industry-leading manufacturers covering the entire IT infrastructure, from the data center to the desktop. Sequel’s skilled professionals can also consolidate and co-terminate warranties on a single date or a series of quarterly dates, further reducing complexity and providing economies of scale in negotiating warranty renewals.

Best of all, Sequel provides Renewal Services at no cost to you. You can eliminate cost and headaches of manually tracking warranties while gaining better control and preventing unexpected lapses in coverage