Enterprise Backup


Data backup is a frustrating and problematic process for many organizations. Industry surveys show that most businesses have experienced significant backup issues related to cost, complexity and reliability.

The rise of server virtualization, cloud computing and ubiquitous mobile computing drives growing data volumes and further complicates the backup process. Sequel Data Systems offers a range of enterprise-class backup, recovery and archival solutions that deliver reliable data protection and management for today’s data center environment.

Virtualization-specific backup solutions are of increasing importance. While server virtualization delivers undeniable benefits, it complicates backup by creating redundant operating system images, application profiles and data. Our solutions are designed to protect both virtual and physical assets, providing fast and reliable recovery of all applications and data.

In addition to overcoming virtualization backup challenges, our solutions deliver a range of benefits, including:

  • Global deduplication to reduce backup windows
  • Centralized management of the backup infrastructure
  • Faster backups with reduced bandwidth requirements
  • Storage tiering and tape technologies for cost-optimized archival