The cloud helps organizations preserve capital, reduce operational overhead, roll out new services quickly and scale easily to meet changing business requirements. However, the cloud isn’t right for every workload, and can increase costs and security risks if not approached strategically.

Sequel Data Systems offers a comprehensive suite of services to help organizations maximize the value of the cloud while minimizing its pitfalls. Sequel’s experts will evaluate your existing IT infrastructure and business objectives, and help you develop and implement a cloud strategy that will support your organization today and tomorrow.

We focus on these key areas to help ensure the in-house IT environment is capable of supporting and integrating with the cloud:

  • Identity management
  • Network design
  • Data protection
  • Disaster recovery
  • Monitoring

Sequel’s cloud consulting services address the business perspective as well as the technology perspective, helping you make decisions today that will save you millions of dollars and countless headaches down the road. We help ensure that the cloud adds value to your business, either through cost savings, increased productivity or enhanced customer engagement.