Disaster Recovery


All businesses should have a plan for how data will be restored following a natural disaster or other catastrophic event. Sequel Data Systems has designed and implemented hundreds of high-availability and disaster-recovery solutions since 1986, ranging from fully redundant, active/active data centers to basic data replication.

We employ a wide range of technologies to protect business-critical data and help ensure seamless operations:

  • Storage networks
  • Snapshots and replication
  • WAN optimization
  • VPNs and VLANs
  • Disk-to-disk and de-duplication
  • Backup and recovery software and appliances

Additionally, we are leaders in emerging technologies that accommodate businesses’ increasing reliance upon virtualized and cloud-based applications. In these environments, application components may reside on several virtual machines spanning multiple physical servers. While recovery with traditional storage-based replication technologies is highly complex and time-consuming, our hypervisor-based replication solutions simplify the process and ensure quick and safe recovery of all components.

We can also help you leverage cloud-enabled DR solutions for seamless integration of both physical and virtual backup, replication and recovery. This approach creates a vendor-agnostic environment that handles multiple versions of servers, storage, operating systems, hypervisors and applications.