Enterprise IT organizations today must support multiple wired, wireless and virtual networks to provide critical links to applications, data, the cloud and other resources. Sequel is uniquely qualified to architect world-class network infrastructures. Trained and certified at the highest levels, our engineers bring both industry knowledge and the perspective of hundreds of implementations to each networking project.

Our capabilities span everything from network design and troubleshooting to large-scale migrations and upgrades. We have particular expertise with routing and switching technologies that form the foundation of a reliable networking infrastructure.

In many organizations, wireless has now surpassed the wired network as a facilitator of day-to-day business. Our network engineers possess advanced radio frequency (RF) expertise and have designed and implemented robust wireless networks in challenging environments. We are helping customers take their Wi-Fi networks to the next level and take advantage of all the benefits wireless can deliver.

We are also helping customers explore the power of network virtualization technologies. Emerging solutions such as software-defined networking (SDN) enable the automatic provisioning and configuration of network resources, improve resource utilization, centralize network control, and eliminate proprietary management tools and protocols — all of which make the network easier to manage.

Sequel has made significant investments into the people, processes and tools needed to support a comprehensive approach to enterprise networking. Other specific areas of expertise include:

  • LAN / WAN
  • Converged / hyperconverged networks
  • Application acceleration
  • Load balancing
  • Management and monitoring
  • Security and access control
  • Virtual private networks