Sequel-StorageData growth rates continue to exceed 40 percent annually, placing a strain on storage infrastructures and jeopardizing IT’s ability to store, manage and protect key information assets. Sequel Data Systems helps you manage that growth and extract business value from your data with dynamic storage solutions for traditional, virtual and cloud platforms.

Our flash storage solutions deliver near-instantaneous access to resources by eliminating the mechanical chokepoints of hard-disk drives. With no moving parts to spin or rotate, flash arrays offer direct data access and read/write response times that are exponentially faster than the best disk drives.

We also understand that businesses must strike a balance between performance and economics. Sequel helps organizations preserve existing storage investments by incorporating flash as a tier alongside legacy disk arrays. Flash can then be used for “hot data” workloads that require high-speed reads, with disk available for high-capacity requirements such as archives.

Keeping a consistent management model across multiple storage types can be an obstacle, however. We can help you overcome this issue through the application of software-defined storage (SDS) principles. SDS separates storage management from the individual hardware devices and uses a software-based controller to manage provisioning, orchestration, deduplication, snapshotting and more for the entire environment.

The best storage solution is one that offers the right mix of cost, speed and reliability for your unique business requirements. Over nearly three decades, Sequel has developed deep expertise in a broad range of enterprise storage technologies, including:

  • Network Attached Storage
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Storage management
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud storage
  • Scale-up and scale-out storage
  • HPC clusters
  • Remote and off-site storage
  • Tiered storage