Utility Procurement


Cloud computing enables organizations to avoid capital investments and transform technology purchases into an operational expense. Trouble is, cloud computing isn’t right for every IT workload. Many organizations are justifiably concerned about security, compliance and control in a shared, multitenant environment.

Sequel Data Systems offers a unique “utility” procurement program that gives you the financial and operational benefits of cloud computing with onsite control of the equipment. You can procure the resources you need to support your operations without capital investments, and only pay for what you use as you use it.

This is not a lease or financing program. It takes IT procurement off the balance sheet and turns it into an operational expense.

Sequel’s utility procurement program also enables you to align IT procurement with business requirements by eliminating the need to overprovision capacity to accommodate growth or spikes in demand. We provide more capacity than you need, yet you pay only for what you use. We can also build in a buffer to smooth out the monthly fee.

If your business grows such that existing resources are near capacity, Sequel can provide additional hardware and software and ship it for free. You start paying for it only when it is used. We can also bundle managed services into the monthly fee.

Contact Sequel Data Systems today to learn how you can get onsite IT capacity in a pay-per-use model.