Virtualization helps reduce capital and operational expenses by enabling organizations to maximize the value of their data center resources. At the same time, virtualization creates a more agile IT environment in which the deployment of applications is accelerated, allowing businesses to bring products and services to market faster and quickly take advantage of new opportunities.

Sequel Data Systems can help you leverage a range of virtualization technologies to consolidate hardware, reduce operational overhead and create a more dynamic, flexible and scalable environment.

Server virtualization has fundamentally transformed data center economics. The ability to consolidate applications onto fewer physical servers improves utilization, reduces hardware costs, shrinks the IT footprint, and cuts power and cooling costs. Sequel Data Systems combines a rich heritage in server-based computing with deep expertise in advanced virtualization principles and management practices to help you optimize your IT assets.

Storage virtualization simplifies the complex IT storage environment by aggregating the capacity of multiple devices or arrays into a single pool of storage that can be managed automatically through a graphical interface. Our engineers can show you how to use virtualized storage to optimize resource usage, consolidate management and support high availability.

Desktop virtualization can help you rein in escalating desktop management costs and create a more flexible and responsive end-user computing infrastructure. By consolidating desktops within the data center or the cloud, desktop virtualization transforms the end-user environment into an on-demand service that is available anywhere, on any device. Sequel has deployed tens of thousands of virtual desktops and is nationally recognized by top manufacturers as a VDI consulting firm.

Application virtualization also increases operational flexibility by separating server applications from the underlying operating system on which they are executed. Since the app is not actually installed, it can be extracted, moved and executed on any machine on any cloud — in a fraction of the time required by other approaches. Sequel can help you evaluate this alternative and determine which applications in your environment might be a good fit.