The Pure Storage Vision for the Modern Data Platform

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) have changed the way businesses operate and what it takes to thrive in a digital economy. Companies that have existed for decades have evolved into digital businesses as they become increasingly reliant on technology.

An independent survey of IT leaders in more than 9,000 businesses found that digital solutions drive around half of revenue (47 percent on average), whether through customer-facing applications or back-office functionality.  It’s clear that digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword — it’s actually happening.

However, technical complexity and strategic uncertainty have prevented businesses from truly becoming digital. Public, private and hybrid cloud, and traditional on-premises infrastructure all have momentum, but businesses still lack confidence in where to place specific workloads:

  • On average, businesses are running 41 percent of applications with traditional on-premises IT – higher than both public cloud (26 percent) and private cloud (24 percent).
  • Public cloud is poised to grow in the next 18 to 24 months (61 percent say their use will increase). Alongside this, a combined 87 percent of respondents see their use of either private cloud (52 percent) or traditional on-premises infrastructure (35 percent) accelerating.
  • Despite strong indications of public cloud growth, a significant number of companies have actually moved some or all of their public cloud workloads back on-premises (43 percent of businesses in North America have done so).
  • Businesses run approximately one in five applications via Software-as-a-Service currently (22 percent), and more than half (51 percent) see their use of SaaS increasing over the next 18 to 24 months.

At Pure//Accelerate 2017 in San Francisco, Pure Storage unveiled its vision for the data platform for this new era. The Pure Storage data platform helps organizations run all operations with cloud agility, improve the economics of data analytics, and ultimately derive new insights and data-driven results.

Tier 1 Storage, re-defined. Organizations can leverage Pure Storage solution to gain Tier 1 reliability (99.9999 percent availability and active multisite clustering) with the innovation of rich data services, native cloud integration, and the fastest, future-proofed performance.

From big data to intelligent data. Pure’s revolutionary FlashBlade system unlocks iterative real-time analytics, advanced AI and machine learning, and rich simulation for data of any size. And with FlashBlade’s fast object interface, tomorrow’s web-scale applications can be big, fast and intelligent, too.

Multi-cloud, delivered. No matter what cloud an organization chooses or where they choose to run it, Pure’s data platform helps simplify storage in multi-cloud environments. Pure speeds the time to cloud with support for VMware VVOLs, Microsoft ODX, Docker Persistent Containers, native data protection integration with public cloud providers, and pre-validated FlashStack converged infrastructure solutions.

Self-driving storage. Meta, Pure’s new AI engine, uses big data, real-time analytics and advanced machine learning techniques to deliver a new level of reliability through predictive maintenance and support. We talked about Meta in our last post.

Pure Storage continues to deliver innovative hardware and software updates that enable business transformation. Contact Sequel Data Systems to discuss how these solutions can accelerate your digital transformation strategy.