How NVMe Removes Bottlenecks from Flash Storage Environments

It’s no secret that enterprise data centers are struggling to keep up with high data volumes and eliminate bottlenecks that are dragging down storage performance. These bottlenecks are often traced back to legacy network infrastructure that wasn’t designed to deliver the level of performance required by data analytics, video and other real-time applications. Although more organizations are turning to flash storage technology to improve performance, efficiency and scalability, legacy network infrastructure often prevents them from taking full advantage of flash.

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) technology is gaining traction in the data center as organizations look for new ways to maximize the benefits of all-flash storage. NVMe is a protocol designed specifically to minimize storage latency to meet the performance demands resource-intensive applications and workloads.

Already found in newer desktop and mobile devices, NVMe in the data center replaces old SCSI drivers used with hard disk drives, reducing latency by about 10 times. When extended over storage fabric such as Fibre Channel and Ethernet, NVMe can scale up to 1,000 shared storage devices and support thousands of parallel requests. At the same time, performance and reliability for mission-critical applications are improved and SCSI translation is eliminated.

Pure Storage unveiled its first enterprise-class, all-NVMe flash array, FlashArray//X. Built on Pure Storage FlashArray architecture, FlashArray//X uses the latest Purity DirectFlash software and NVMe DirectFlash Modules to remove performance bottlenecks caused by legacy infrastructure. The new NVMe solution helps organizations store ever-increasing volumes of data and use sophisticated analytics tools to convert that data into business value. Latency is reduced by up to 50 percent, write bandwidth Is increased by up to two times, and performance density is increased by up to four times. The high-density FlashArray//X makes it possible to for organizations to run their heaviest workloads on just 10 DirectFlash Modules.

On the heels of the FlashArray//X announcement, Pure Storage announced its “NVMe Now” promotion. NVMe Now enables companies using certain legacy storage products to take advantage of the Pure Storage terabyte-for-terabyte trade-in program with a qualifying upgrade to the all-NVMe FlashArray//X. In other words, you can reduce your storage investment by trading in older flash technology for the newest, densest flash. This offer is valid through Oct. 31, 2017.

This is an extension of the Pure Evergreen Storage program, which helps organizations future-proof their storage infrastructure while cutting total cost of ownership for storage almost in half over six years. Because Pure Storage solutions are modular and upgradable across generations, there’s no need to buy new storage every generation. Organizations can add capacity, consolidate storage arrays, and make capacity-based purchase decisions to ensure the solution they buy fits their specific needs. And you’ll purchase each terabyte of capacity once rather than multiple times.

NVMe technology provides organizations with a way to optimize performance, scalability and efficiency of their flash environment. Pure Storage FlashArray//X and the Evergreen Storage program make it possible to upgrade to NVMe without the risk and high costs associated with traditional upgrades.